QPR Training Available


“I feel much more able now to better be there for my loves ones thanks to QPR Training.  It wasn’t upsetting or depressing but rather a positive outlook on how to be there for those who might need someone to listen.”  Logan Llanos


What is QPR and how does it work? QPR stands for “Question, Persuade and Refer.” 


Who offers QPR?  Love You, Mean It is a new volunteer organization whose goal is to honor Shawn Gooding by raising awareness about and reducing the incidence of suicide.   Love You, Mean It works with Dr. Rob Harrison, a physician in Westerly, to offer training workshops on becoming more sensitive to subtle cues from others who may have suicidal thoughts.  Rob explains, “Most people who are suicidal are relieved when somebody asks them that question. They really want help, but wouldn’t ask for it, themselves.”


QPR training is an important tool for concerned people living in Washington County to know about and use because of the high rate of suicide in this area, the highest suicide rate in the state!  Among the five towns with the highest suicide rates in RI are Richmond (23.8%) and Hopkinton (26.6%.)  In Westerly, there were four suicides in April and May of this year alone. Veterans count for a very high percentage of these numbers in RI, 18% of all suicide deaths.  


Check our social media for the next QPR Training. If you would like to host a training for your workplace or group of friends, please contact us: loveyoumeanitri@gmail.com or text 401.742.4553.