Our Inspiration

Shawn Gooding was an amazing man who tragically lost his life on April 20th, 2018 to suicide. Shawn was a wonderful father, fiance, son, brother, and a best friend to those close to him. He not only inspired many throughout his life, but he brought joy and even saved many lives. Anyone who was struggling, he would do anything to help them even if he didn't know them very well. He was known for his random adventures, his love for the outdoors, his smile, his love and his positivity. Love you mean it was something that he always said and it was usually followed by his hand shake the "woogity." That is why we have entitled our mission "Love You Mean It." We want to continue the positive work that Shawn did even after his passing. We don't want to lose another life to suicide.

Our Mission

Love You, Mean It raises awareness and promotes prevention of suicide in honor of Shawn Gooding through healing events, personal support, relevant information, QPR trainings, and other interventions.